Sunday, 26 May 2013

PowerDirector 11 Content-Aware Editing provides a revolutionary way to edit video projects. The advanced built-in technology magically analyzes major scenes, such as those with faces, motion, zoom or pan, and hones in on imperfections that can be improved using TrueTheater®, such as poor lighting, and shakiness. Editing videos is now easier, faster and more efficient than ever.

Analyze entire footage using Content-Aware Editing - Save time tackling hours of footage. Content-Aware Editing quickly and efficiently pinpoints the best scenes automatically.

Intelligently identify the best and imperfect shots - Automatically finds the best scenes with faces, zoom, pan and motion and pinpoints scenes requiring enhancements.

Enhance imperfect shots with TrueTheater® - Corrects all imperfect parts of the entire footage, such as poor lighting and shaky videos using TrueTheater Technology.

Edit Analyzed Footages All at Once - Gather enhanced footage into the timeline of Content-Aware Editing control panel, for additional "across-the-board" editing in one go.

Quality Beyond HD - 4K Video Support - PowerDirector 11 is the first and only consumer video editing software to support end-to-end editing of 4K ultra HD video format. Supports import of 4K videos from the latest camera devices, edit more efficiently with TrueVelocity and produce breathtaking 4K movies on disc or publish online right from your desktop.

What is new in version 11.0.0 build 2707

- Now supports 19 languages (Added: Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish)

- Adds support for RAW images, please check product page for supported camera models.
- Adds 2.7K (2704 x 1524) resolution profile for 2D video production in AVC H.264, MPEG-4 and MKV formats.*

- Improves program stability when editing 4K clips using shadow files.*
- Improves program stability when CPU has more than 16 threads.
- Improves the seeking performance and response speed for VOB and VRO video clips.
- Improves the alignment accuracy when selecting multiple templates in Title Designer.
- Improves program stability when burning Blu-ray Discs with DTS audio.*
- Improves program stability when importing MPEG-2 clips in Windows XP systems.
- Improves program stability when applying video-in-reverse with AVCHD footage from Panasonic camcorders.
- Resolves audio duration miscalculation issue with variable bitrate MPEG audio.

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